Yarn & Fiber Processing on the Puget Sound


As a fiber enthusiast...

I longed for yarns that "fit" the one of a kind item I was creating. So I learned to spin. I attended many Pacific NorthWest regional fiber events learning about the many different breeds of sheep, alpaca, and fiber producing animals.


It's all about the Fiber!

Most farmers expressed a need to get their fiber to the customers in a ready to use marketable form.

The "hobby farmer" produces batches that are too small to be accepted by many fiber mills.

Many Fiber artists struggled to find a local mill to process their fiber.

Soundview Fiber Mill strives to offer services to all, from the farm to roving to yarn, in small batches.



During my research of fiber mills, I came across one in Oregon who was retiring and liquidating their equipment. Fingers crossed and with a great leap of faith, I paid for the equipment and moved residence to set up my own fiber mill.

Soundview Fiber Mill uses 100% Mini Mills equipment from Canada, perfectly suited for fine micron count fibers. Our mill can scour, pick, card, draw, spin, ply, and skein up. You choose what to do with your fiber.



Soundview Fiber Mill overlooks the south end of the Puget Sound. The mill is located in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest.