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Yarn & Fiber Processing on the Puget Sound


As a fiber enthusiast......

I longed for yarns that 'fit' the one of a kind item I was creating. 

So I learned to spin...  I attended many North West regional fiber events, learning about the many different breeds. Most importantly, to meet the farmers who produced the fiber...


Its all about the Fiber

Most farmers expressed a need to get their fiber to the customers in a marketable form, ready to use. The 'Hobby' farmer had too small of batches to be accepted by many fiber mills.... 

Many Fiber artists struggled to find a local mill to process their fiber.

This mill strives to offer services to all;  from the farm to yarn, in small  batches.



During my research of fiber mills, I came across one, in Oregon, who was retiring and liquidating their equipment. Fingers crossed and with a great leap of faith I paid for the equipment and moved residence to set up my own Fiber Mill. I am using 100% Mini Mills equipment from Canada, perfectly suited for fine micron count fibers.

Over looking the South end of the Puget Sound I'm ready to --- Scour; Pick; Card; Draw; Spin; Ply; and Skein up.


You Choose what to do with your fiber.

All Fiber Must be in a Sealed Clear Plastic Bag!!

New Prices


*** YARN***

Fiber Mill News

2019 is here. The first full year in business has come to a close. Much has been learned, repaired and built; with more improvements to come.

Based on customers requests, Soundview Fiber Mill is now offering two new products. 

Cloud, which is a carded fiber perfectly suited for hand spinning woolen yarns. 

Braids;  allows you to easily dye before spinning, and creates any easily resalable product for your farm.


New Prices!!

This price structure is a little more complex. The intention is to reflect the quantity of fiber received back, after processing.

New Price EXAMPLE:

Average wool fleece weighs in at 6 pounds.

Assuming the usual 25% wash out of grease and dirt & fiber loss during processing...

19 finished skeins of worsted weight yarn are returned to you, weighing approx. 3.8 ounces each for a total return weight of 4.5 pounds of yarn.

Washing  ---  6 x $7.50 = $45.00

Spinning ---  4.5 x $28.00 = $126.00

total cost = $171.00 (+tax)

Cost per skein = $9.00

This is just an example, each fleece washes out at different rates. 


To schedule your fiber processing; email Char@soundviewfibermill.com


Feel free to email with any questions.


Single, three, and four Ply yarns available. Email for price...


We offer a variety of fibers to blend into your fiber. Please contact for availibity & Price.


Drop-off and Pick-up Location

In the Quest to make fiber Processing accessible we have Partnered with Allyn Knit Shop...

We now have a drop-off and pick-up location. Please contact the mill for a week to schedule drop-off.


char@soundviewfibermill.com  - or -   call or text 425-214-2425

Allyn Knit Shop and Spinning Supply

16590 E. State Route 3 Allyn WA 98524



Drop us a line!


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Contact Us

Fiber Mailing Address

We love our customers, and strive to fulfill your fiber needs.

Currently, we are not open to the public, but will gladly accept fiber through our mail box - or - schedule a week to drop off at Allyn Knit Shop.

Soundview Fiber Mill

625 W. Rail Road Ave, #175; Shelton WA 98584

(425) 214-2425 (text or call)

Mill Operations

Mill is operating  Wed., Thurs., Friday and Saturdays. Please allow time for return calls.

Drop us a line!

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To Start Processing, Minimum


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please include your contact information.

Checks made out to Soundview Fiber Mill

We will contact you, when we  start to processes your fiber, for final payment.

Fiber will be shipped or dropped off per your request after final payment. Usually within 3 days of Final Payment.

Any unpaid Processed Fiber after 30 Days become property of Soundview Fiber Mill.