2019 is here. The first full year in business has come to a close. Much has been learned, repaired and built; with more improvements to come.

Based on customers requests, Soundview Fiber Mill is now offering two new products. 

  • Cloud, which is a carded fiber perfectly suited for hand spinning woolen yarns. 
  • Braids;  allows you to easily dye before spinning, and creates any easily resalable product for your farm.

New Pricing!

This price structure is a little more complex. The intention is to reflect the quantity of fiber received back, after processing.

New Price EXAMPLE:

Average wool fleece weighs in at 6 pounds.

Assuming the usual 25% wash out of grease and dirt & fiber loss during processing.

19 finished skeins of worsted weight yarn are returned to you, weighing approx. 3.8 ounces each for a total return weight of 4.5 pounds of yarn.

  • Washing  ---  6 pounds x $7.50 = $45.00
  • Spinning ---  4.5 pounds x $28.00 = $126.00
  • Total cost = $171.00 (+ tax)
  • Cost per skein = $9.00

This is just an example, each fleece washes out at different rates.